Paid 10/08/2019
Homecoming Heroes Grant
Military Family
Imminent Loss of Housing

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From our family to everyone who's donated to our application: we would like to say that we're beyond grateful for your contributions. It lets us know that there are still great people in the world like yourselves ! We've always been people who help others when we can, but to see the roles swap and actually receive assistance from others means so much to our family. It most definitely gives us the greatest sense of pride to know that we served this great country with people like you in it helping others. Of course you didn't have to contribute but you selflessly did and we couldn't thank everyone enough for everything really. We're young parents and it isn't easy but the hope you guys give for humanity keeps us pushing and striving to do better ! The help we've received will tremendously help with our lapse of rent situation and place our family in a better position to thrive, once again thank you to everyone who contributed to our cause and we're forever grateful.

Ex-Military & New Parents About to Be Homeless Because We Couldn't Afford Childcare for a Sick Baby.

My Story:

I'm engaged to my fiance, who I met while we were both serving in the military. We've both been honorably discharged and are now making a life together with our beautiful, seven-month old son.

We're struggling financially right now because like so many people, our military benefit payments have been delayed. There's nothing we can do about it, so right now, my fiance and I are working swing shifts so that one or the other of us can always be with our son, since we can't afford to pay for child care. It's tough, but we were making it until a couple of months ago, when our son unexpectedly became very sick. I don't have any choice. I had to take time off to take care of our baby, and my job doesn't offer any kind of paid time off. It was ten days until my son was better and I could go back to work, and my next check was for less than half of what it usually is.

Like most people I guess, my finace and I have struggled from time to time, but we're committed to handling our finances, and this is the first time since I found out I was pregnant that we've been behind on a bill. We really couldn't help what happened, and if we had our military benefits, I wouldn't need any help, but our landlord is really strict and has told us that if we can't get our rent current by Oct. 10, he's going to evict us.

Modest Needs' assistance with our rent would be greatly appreciated by our family. This funding will bring out rent up to date and relieve so much stress that my fiance and I are under. I feel like I'm walking around with a dump truck on my shoulders. Every second is constant worry or trying to find an alternative to fix the situation. It would also save us from eviction and provide a roof over our heads. Thank you so much.

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