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Need Electric Help Due to Replacing A/C in 110 Degree Weather

My Story:

I live with my fiance and our two boys. I currently work as a business claims analyst at a financial institution. My fiance is a full time student, pursuing a business degree. Our seven year old son is a second grader and loves watching Pokemon. Our four year old is a bundle of energy and loves legos. I work full time to support our family, while my fiance is attending school.

We live pretty much paycheck to paycheck throughout the year. We live in a city that is very hot during the summer. Average temperature exceeds 110 degrees. Recently, our air conditioner broke down and we are suffering in the high heat. We called a repairman who said the unit was about 16 years old and running off a refrigeration component that is no longer serviceable. Their recommendation was to replace the unit. This replacement was so expensive that it drained any savings we had, as well as some of the money I needed for bills. That is why we're now in financial hardship. We would appreciate Modest Needs' help to cover our electric bill.

This funding would help immensely with all the stress and worry we've been experiencing trying to make our finances stable again. My work offers limited overtime which I plan taking advantage of to try to recover some savings again. But finding someone who is willing to help with anything would be a relief for our defeated spirits right now. It's been a discouraging process as I've reached out to various resources and have been told over and over that my situation doesn't qualify for help. I feel like I've jumped through numerous hoops, spent hours on the phone, and so much time gathering paperwork just to be told no. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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