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3 Children, Sick Pregnant Wife, Loss of Income Due to Injury- Please Help Us

My Story:

I am a married father of 4 beautiful children. My wife is currently pregnant with severe morning sickness. My youngest daughter is 11 months old, she is walking and talking. I have a 2 year old growing girl who likes to sing, and practice her ABC's. My 15 year old daughter loves to sing and dance, and has a passion for fine arts. She enjoys painting, and musical theater. My son just turned 18, graduated high school, and just recently joined the United States Military. He will be ready to leave for Navy Boot camp in October.

I got injured on the job. I hurt my right hand and could not close it. My right hand is my dominant hand. I went to the employers doctor, they told me nothing was wrong with me, and sent me back to work. I was still in pain and not able to do the work, so I had to separate from employment for an extended period of time. I am now at a new employer, but hurt my hand again. I went to see the doctor, and now I am scheduled to see a specialist. My employer is very upset with me, and have cut my scheduled hours to work. We have been barely able to pay our bills in full, and we need help at this time with our power bill. The power bill came in much higher than usual which was unexpected.

Disconnection is scheduled for September 16th. This funding will help us get current with our power bill, provide us with relief to know that our children and family will have a stable environment, and allow us to get everything else caught up. It will give me a chance to focus on my healing and get me back to full time hours. This help will provide a long lasting positive impact on my family. We appreciate you, and we pray that the blessings be returned to you 10 fold.

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