Paid 12/03/2019
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Imminent Loss of Vehicle
Temporary Loss of Income

Fully Funded

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI am SO GRATEFUL for the generosity that was poured out to myself and my family through the donations I received from you all! I never imagined that I would go from homeless to actually sleeping in my car with my children. So when my car was up for repossession, it was the scariest most stressful time of my life! I felt like my life was crumbling fast. Your selflessness and generosity is overwhelming and my family and I are forever in debt to you! Because of your donations we are able to keep our car which takes me to work everyday and gets my kids off to school. The best part of this process is being about to get back on my feet, obtain stability, so that I can reach back and help others as well. I truly thank God for you all. My heart is so full.

Gap of Employment Already Cost Single Mother Her Home, Please Save Their Car

My Story:

I am a single mom of two wonderful kids. My daughter is 12 and loves reading, drawing art, and aspires to be a graphic designer and voice actor. My son Judah is 7 and loves dinosaurs, cars, trains and loves to sing and dance. He aspires to be a paleontologist or a race car driver. I am a Scheduling Coordinator at Children's Hospital where I take care of our youngest patients in Pediatric Endocrinology. We help children who have issues that range from juvenile diabetes to growth issues. In my spare time I read, volunteer in our child life department at CHKD, and soon I will enroll in nursing school to pursue a career in Neonatal Nursing.

In February of this year I lost a job and was out of work until June. As a result, I ended up with some bills that fell behind, the most severe being my rent and car note. As a result we were evicted from our home and now we live in a one room hotel. My car note is several months behind and they are threatening to repossess my car any day now. With my new job I can afford our monthly bills, but just need your help to fully catch up on payments.

I can not afford to lose my car as I need it to get back and forth to work and to take my kids to school and pick them up each day. My car note has to be paid ASAP to avoid losing the car. With your help I will not only get caught up, but avoid my car being taken thus losing my job as well. I am doing my best and do not want my kids to suffer. Your help will allow me to focus on raising the money needed to save for a deposit for a new home and get my children back into a safe, stable environment. My children are anxious to get back into a home. Modest Needs will help me provide just that.

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Application Status Update: On 2019-12-13, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,344.80 to American Credit Acceptance on behalf of this deserving individual.