Paid 09/13/2019
Homecoming Heroes Grant
Military Family
Imminent Loss of Vehicle

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We am overwhelmed, we am humbled, and we am seeing some light at the end of this dark tunnel my family and I have been through. I am eternally grateful to any and all donors who helped with this process. We are amazed at how short of a time the funds were raised and bless to have your support and help. 'To whom much is given, much is required' We vow to make up for this in more ways than giving funds. Thank you, thank you, thank you. God Bless! DMR

Struggling Veteran Needs Your Help to Keep Vehicle

My Story:

I am a married father of one son and many pets. My son just began pre-K at a brand new school in the area. He loves the water, dinosaurs, and coloring. We have two chihuahua's, as well as two french mastiffs. We also have a rescue cat and a bird. I am not a fan of all the pets but it what my wife enjoys. My wife is just starting a new career as a realtor, while also battling breast cancer. I recently started working full time as a strength coach with my former college coach. It is a private training performance center. I love the job but dislike the number of hours and distance from home.

This is difficult to admit and discuss. I was separated from the military in 2015 after 19 yrs. I did not receive any retirement nor benefits (a battle I am still fighting). It has been a hard adjustment period. My wife was able to support us for awhile but she was fired Sept 2018. I then started working as a strength coach but it is 4 hours away from our home. I stay there for 4 days and come home on the weekends. I have to pay to stay which takes half of my paycheck. The lack of finances do not allow me to care for my family. I withdrew my TSP (army's version of 401K) last year. We have no more in savings and nothing else to borrow against. The struggles have effected our marriage, careers, and livelihood. We were both unemployed for a few months last year. It is embarrassing for two 40 yr old adults with education and our work experience to be unable to find employment. This situation has affected me personally because I am not the same resilient person. Close friends say I am not the same and I sound depressed. Now that we are back to work, we still need help catching up. If you could please assist with our car payment.

This funding will reduce our stress level and wellbeing personally, financially and as a family. It is humbling to have to ask for help, something I never thought we would do. I have steered several former Soldiers to seek financial assistance but never have thought about it for ourselves. Any financial assistance will serve as a catalyst to get back on our feet and enjoy ourselves and each other again, and we can focus on my wife's healthcare.

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