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Father Passed Away, Now Our Lights Could Be Shut Off

My Story:

I am a single mother with one adult son and 3 minors in the household. All my children are boys and help me around the house. They are all very responsible at home and look out for one another. We have a pitbull puppy we got after Grandpas passing to help cope and bring joy into our lives again.

We earn enough to pay for our basic expenses every month, but we tend to live paycheck to paycheck. We had no savings set aside when my father passed away. We incurred unexpected cremation and funeral service costs which caused us to get behind. I need your help with our electric bill.

We were unable to make this payment after paying for the cremation and being with my dad every night as he was in hospice home and we were forced to choose between being with my father in his last months. We are worried that we could eventually lose service to our electricity if we do not get back on track with our utility bill. This funding will bring our household current with all of our bills again, and restore our sense of stability and give me and my boys a sense of relief.

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