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Single Mother Urgently Needs New Tires To Keep Only Transporation and Job

My Story:

I am a single mother to a 18 year old daughter in school. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, animals and listening to music. I work full time as an accounting assistant and enjoy my own time relaxing or playing card games with friends.

I was laid off of work due to a company restructure. Although I applied for work daily, it took four months to find a job and any savings we had we used during that time to make ends meet. I now work full time but am still struggling to save. My tires are in dire need of replacement and I do not have the funds to do so without forgoing rent or other utilities. Without new tires I cannot commute to work safely and fear that I could have a blow out on the highway.

This would cause me to miss work and if there was an accident, I would lose the only means of transportation we have. With the assistance from Modest Needs, I would be able to safely commute and continue working. This would allow me to start saving again for future emergencies. Any assistance given would not go unnoticed as I would like to 'pay it forward' when I am able in the future!

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