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College Graduate Needs a Helping Hand

My Story:

I am an awesome only child, but I definitely don't have the luxury of being spoiled, the adjective that normally comes with being an only child. I just recently graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham back in December. My mom and my friend Lauren are my two best friends. For peace and happiness, my social life involves just going to the movies on Saturdays. My mom and I will go together and discuss or debate about the movie when we get home. Thanks to God I just got a full time permanent job in May in the Student Crisis Division at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Because I just recently graduated in and got a permanent job in May, I am drowning in debt beyond measure. My mom, whom I use to be able to depend on financially, lost her job months ago. And, in June someone did a hit and run on my 2008 Volkswagen Jetta. This tore off the entire front bumper and this is my only means of transportation, plus I only have Liability insurance. This repair cost really threw me into hardship. All of this has caused my rent to fall behind. I have felt nothing but extreme stress and slight depression in my life at the moment. I am not performing at my full potential at my job. My sleep has definitely suffered as well. I really need your help with my rental payment.

I am desperately trying to prevent homelessness.I am in a serious financial hardship which will only get worse with the domino effect. I know once I get a financial padding this will make all of the difference in the world. Once I am caught up with my rent, I will be okay moving forward. Your assistance would truly be a life saver for me. Thank you.

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