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Single Mother Battling Mental Health Issues Needs to Keep Lights On

My Story:

I am a single mother of one. I work full time for a psychologist and I am a full time student, with one degree in psychology working on my second degree. My 9 year old daughter is smart, quiet, shy, and suffers from diagnosed generalized and social anxiety. She is slowly coming out of her shell through therapy. I am diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder but have overcame my illness and have maintained myself as a hard working employee and a student, but most importantly a good mom. My daughter and I love walking near the beach together or just laying in bed watching movies having mommy/daughter time. She loves art and wants to be an artist one day. She is my entire world. We are dedicated to being a part of our church and we let our faith guide us.

I am normally financially stable. What has put me in a hardship is my recent diagnosis of depression and bipolar disorder. I am uninsured and I have had to unexpectedly pay out of pocket for visits to a psychiatrist and therapist for treatment and my medicine. Mental illness is just as important as any other health issue is, and I needed to get myself in the right head space to continue to provide the best care for my child. My daughter and I have no where else to go and no family that has offered to open their doors and take us in. I can maintain stability, I just need one time help to get back on my feet. We need Modest Needs Foundation help with our light bill.

This funding will have a great impact on me and my daughter long term. Personally your help would benefit my mental health, as the thought of losing power is unbearable. Your help will allow us to keep our utilities on, keep my car, our home and our mental health stable. Thank you so much.

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