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Urgent Car Repairs For Only Transportation of Couple Fighting Cancer

My Story:

I am a married man, living with my wife. She is employed full time and I am not able to go to work right now due to my stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.

We have one vehicle that is very important for us to get around as it is our only transportation. We need it for my many doctor appointments and my wife needs it to go to work to be able to support us. Recently, our only transportation broke down and since we live paycheck to paycheck, we are simply not able to afford the repairs of this. We need Modest Needs help with this repair bill desperately.

Your funding will help us so much more than you know. It will allow us to go back on the road to drive safely to my doctors appointments and my wife would be able to continue going to work. I will be able to focus on my fight with cancer and not worry about falling behind on bills. Many thanks kind people.

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