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Relocation Costs Caused Parents of 2 to Get Behind

My Story:

I am married with two young children. We just moved in in May from Utah. My wife has just started her business as a Mary Kay consultant so she is in the process of building up. My two young children are both girls, one is 2 years old and the other is 5 months old. Both my wife and I are starting school in the fall. She will be going to school in pediatrics and I will be going in for civil engineering.

We moved to California because I lost my job in Utah and my extended family has moved to other states so we didn't have any family support to help with the kids. Since we moved all I could do was get temp jobs to help support the family and to try and get caught up on bills that are falling behind from the cost of the move. So now our credit cards are maxed out and we owe money to family that helped us with the move. As of now we are behind on the car payment. We need this car since it's our only form of transportation to work. We need Modest Needs help to make this payment.

Your help will get us caught up with car payment and back on track with our budget. We are now steadily working and getting settled in. I want my daughters to look up to me and see strength and stability, but it is really hard to do that when I am in hardship like this. Your help would mean the world to me.

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