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Don't Let This Car Accident Steal My Car!

My Story:

I am a 35 year old woman with no kids. I'm currently a full time worker for a mortgage company. There is no one else in my household, I support myself.

I was in a car wreck recently which caused me to be out of work for some time. I have started to fall behind on my bills. I am currently waiting on hopefully a settlement, but for now I need help. My car note has fallen behind as a result and I need your help to get this current. Any settlement money could get my other bills current and allow me to start a savings, but who knows with those things.

I needed food and gas for the week after paying all my other bills out of my paycheck. I had to miss a few days again as well due to migraines I suffer with. Your help would provide a huge sense of relief. Thank you for considering me. Thank you for helping others in a time of need. God bless you all!

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