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Help Keep My 3 Children in Summer Camp

My Story:

I am a single mother of three beautiful girls. My oldest is 7 and she is very sweet and outgoing. My second oldest one is very sweet and loves to have friends. She loves singing, swimming and loves her 'lonely' time that's how she calls 'her time'. My youngest is very outgoing and expressive, she loves coloring, dancing, singing and traveling. I work full time as a state employee as a secretary in a school district.

Last year father of my kids and I got separated and he moved out of state. My kids and I only have my pay check as he doesn't help enough on the economic side. We have a car but it is not in good condition and it has broken down many times previously. I need Modest Needs help to pay for my kid's summer camp. I am simply not able to afford it at this time.

This is funding will bring our family economic situation current and restore our sense of stability in some ways. My 10 month position will be starting soon and I will be getting a second job. Your help will make a huge long-lasting impact in our family and it would be a very nice example in my three kids. Thank you so much.

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