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Our Son Was Shot & Killed. We Had to Bury Him & Couldn't Pay Rent. Please Don't Let Them Evict Us!

My Story:

Until recently, my husband and I have been the proud parents of three beautiful children. Our youngest child, our daughter, is a typical teenager doing great in school. My middle son has a little harder time because he's on the autism spectrum, but he has always been able to depend on my oldest child, his big brother.

My oldest son, Dylan, was the best. He was so kind and so responsible. He'd been working as a bartender, living at home, and helping us pay the bills. One night, Dylan was walking home from work with a friend, and this man jumped out of the bushes and put his friend in a headlock. Dylan helped his friend get free and the two were running away when Dylan was shot and killed. He died right there on the sidewalk with his whole life ahead of him.

Burying our son is the hardest thing we've ever had to do. Aside from it being emotionally devastating, even though we couldn't afford to do anything big for his funeral, it cost nearly $11,000.00 to bury our child. The down-payment took every bit of our savings, and it took us just over a year to pay for the funeral. Now, we've finally paid for our son's burial, but the loss of his contribution to the household and the cost to bury him has put us a month behind on our rent. We've been a month behind for a year now, pretty much since we had to pay that down-payment and the late charges have been piling up. Now, we owe so much in late charges that our apt manager has told us that if we don't catch up immediately, they're going to start eviction proceedings.

This last year has been the hardest year of my life. You just can't explain how it feels to see your son in a casket. We're working so hard to get on with our lives and get things back to normal for our other two children, but right now, we don't even know if we'll still have a place to live next week. We've always been financially responsible, but who plans for their child to be murdered? We didn't. No one should have to. And now we're about to lose our home. If you would please help us catch up our mortgage, it would mean so much to our family, especially at this time. We'd have peace and stability again for the first time since we lost our son, even in the wake of all of our insurmountable grief, and we could concentrate on healing from this catastrophe.

PS: This picture is the last picture I have of our son before he was killed. He's in the back, on the right.

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