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Veteran At Risk Of Losing Vehicle

My Story:

I am a veteran, who is currently in school to be a HVAC Technician. I am also working as a Maintenance Technician. I have a cat who is my service animal and calms my anxiety. I enjoy playing music and singing. My roommate is my best friend, she has polycystic ovarian syndrome and does her best every day. She has a Dog that is her service animal, it is an Old English Sheepdog. Her hobbies are crocheting and dancing. We live together and support one another.

It is my roommates first time working for the local school district. Once summer hit she no longer had any financial income. Time and time again she went to interviews with no luck for few months now. Without any income being contributed on her behalf, I was barely able to keep us afloat. This caused us to fall behind on bills and we need help. She has a new job now but the late fees and gap of income were a huge set back. We are asking Modest Needs for assistance with the car note we are behind on. They repossessed our vehicle and if I can not pay to get it out in 19 days, then I won't have a vehicle. Without my vehicle I will lose my job as I am an on-call maintenance technician.

This funding will impact our long term situation because it will keep us a float until my roommate gets her first paycheck from her new job. We will be able to keep our home and car without risk of anything stopping us going forward from paying all of our bills. It will personally impact me in a way that I won't have to be a homeless veteran again. I won't have to give away my service animal and I can have a strong peace of mind knowing I won't have to go through my anxiety and PTSD alone again. It will impact my roommate in a sense that she won't have to feel guilty for our current situation. Also she can put her best foot forward at her new job without stressing over everything.

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