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Laid off Teacher/Mother Lost Home, Needs Help Paying Storage Fees for Families Belongings

My Story:

I am a single mother and Head Start teacher. I am hoping to return to college and complete my Bachelors degree to become an 8th grade teacher. I love love love working with children and helping at-risk youth learn skills and see a bright outlook on their futures! I have two children. My daughter is 15 years old and is an avid writer working on her very first book. My son is 9 years old and is a soccer fanatic, loves swimming and reading sports books. We are a family filled with love and we enjoy one another. Laughter is a priority for us despite our circumstances. We are also a faith based family that prays together. I couldn�t have asked for better more resilient kiddos.

As a teacher I am laid off every summer. Prior to this summer we lost our home after a separation between their father and I. Due to the lay off I am struggling to make ends meet. I am not eligible this summer for unemployment as I worked for an unemployment insurance exempt religious organization prior to my new job. This was a devastating loss to my income. I return to work in August so it makes it very hard to survive until then. I have two storage units that contain our lifetime belongings. Our important documents, clothing, furniture and supplies are stores in those units. We have been locked out as I have been unable to afford the monthly fees this summer. I am at risk of losing our belongings once the companies auction our belongings or sell them. If this happened, we will no longer have the things we need to furnish our home, documents such as birth certificates and records, family photos and memories as well as the clothes we need very badly. We have sacrificed so much and I would be crushed if my children lose everything due to my income challenges during this lay off. I will return to work late August so I only need temporary help.

Your help would allow us to keep our belongings. Your help will show my children that there are great people in this world that care amidst a time when they feel devalued and very unworthy. I want to reopen their eyes that the true nature of our world is to love and care for others. Your assistance will allow me to save us from having to re-purchase a household of furnishings, pain of loss, it will put clothes back on our backs and give my children back access to their awards and memoirs from their successes in school, sports and humanities. You will be restoring our life to reality. I plan to pay your help forward and be a donor rather than an applicant soon. We just need a little help during this dark moment and it will provide that glimmer of light.

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