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Imminent Loss of Utilities
Imminent Loss of Vehicle

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Help With Light Bill Will Get Me Back on Track

My Story:

I am a customer service advocate at one of the largest insurance companies in the state. Besides working, I love hanging out with friends and family. I love motorcycles, cars, and hanging out at the beach.

In the month of June there was a period of time where I was sick and missed a couple of days out of work. That set me back from getting all of my other bills paid on time. Even with setting up payment arrangements with the other bills, I still ended up being behind on the rent for June which in turn added to the July rent. After using all of my funds from my bank account, I got caught up on rent. On top of this, I had a car repair come up that I had to pay to keep getting to work. I am now unable to pay my utility bill which is already past due.

Your help will give me a fresh start and allow me to stay on track. This funding will actually help me get back on track with my finances, allowing me to pay all bills on time, allowing me to start saving and building up my emergency funds again. Your help would be the hand up I desperately need.

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