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Self-Sufficiency Grant

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeYour generosity, consideration, and caring hearts are beyond appreciated by me and my children. Through your donations, my trash bill will be brought current. In case you did not know, you have not only prevented me from falling deeper in to also prevented a possible eviction due to the delinquency of my trash bill. This past government shutdown/furlough was the hardest one yet and I was so unsure of how I would get myself back on an even playing field. You have taken a burden off my shoulders and I will always been super thankful. With deep gratitude, I also thank for founding an organization that helps individuals like me who are struggling but not seen as needy enough to receive resources or support from any government. I hope that at some point in my life, I can become a donor to help a family who finds themselves in a situation like the one I found myself in. Keep up the great work and thank you, again.

Single Mother Was Furloughed, Trash Bill Piled Up. Please Help Me Take Out the Trash!

My Story:

I am a 33 year old single mom with two children for whom I do not receive child support for. My oldest is 11 years old with ADD. She volunteers her time after school to help teachers prepare for their students who have special needs. My youngest is 9 years old. He is the life of the party and has a cheerful personality. I have two degrees (BA and MBA) and I work for NASA in the Office of the Inspector General. Due to the US Government shutdown of 2019, I was furloughed for 35 days. I am currently a program specialist who has also been given the opportunity of a professional development plan so that I can determine if moving into the audit department is the next step for my career. In my spare time, I love to listen to R&B music and put together jigsaw puzzles.

One of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with is the 2019 shutdown of the federal government. It was the longest one I have had the go through as a single mom living on my own. I missed two paychecks and all of my bills were stacking up, late fees were being added and bill collectors were harassing me on a daily basis calling two or more times per day. I had to get on welfare for food stamps and sign up for unemployment which is only 1/4 of my monthly income. Eventually I got retroactive pay but that retroactive pay did not cover the additional late fees incurred for any of the bills that became due or past due during that period. Last year, before I was even a full year into my lease, my apartment management decided that they would no longer pay for the monthly trash expense of individual leases. This was never an expense that I budgeted for as a single mom and when I was furloughed the monthly fee began to pile up. Eventually management sent me a notice demanding payment or adverse action. I need Modest Needs help to take care of this bill. I am simply not able to cover this.

Paying off this bill will allow me the chance to breath and not be so scared or anxious all the time. It will give me the opportunity to fix my budget and get my life back in line since the shutdown. As a single mom with only one income, you are always trying to juggle so much responsibility. As I advance at my agency, I have been getting a higher annual salary and it gets easier and easier. This is really the last piece or two of the puzzle that needs to be fixed in order for the picture to come together. I have been hassled by the apartment complex to get my bills paid on time or face eviction. I really need to get a handle on this to relieve the stress on me. Thank you.

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Application Status Update: On 2019-11-15, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $439.00 to Conservice on behalf of this deserving individual.