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New Tires Needed ASAP for Safe Driving Car

My Story:

I am married to my husband of 9 years, but we have been together for many years before that. I am a housewife and my husband works full-time for the Department of Human Services.

We are a one income household, I had to leave my full-time job a little over a year ago due to personal reasons. It's has been challenging and we end up living paycheck to paycheck. The one expense I need help with is my bill from my new tires that were needed. My car would not start and had to be towed to the car dealer. I needed an oil change and had an inspection due at the same time. I ended up needing a new battery which was more expensive then I expected. That is when I was told I needed all 4 tires replaced after my inspection. The amount is still due from 6/27 and will be assessed a late fee of $20 if not paid in 30 days. We need your help.

This would be a big help. I am so worried about how this is going to be paid, things have been very challenging, especially now. I have been having additional multiple health issues which have required unexpected emergency visits to the hospital which is costly. I was so glad to hear about something like this, and I appreciate that there are people out there that care and want to help and understand what people go through. Thank you so much.

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