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Health Issues Derailed My Budget. Please Help Me Keep My Phone & Internet On.

My Story:

I am the sole provider in my household which is just myself. I have severe medical issues but I enjoy relaxing at home, streaming movies and reading books. I take public transit everywhere as I do not own a vehicle for medical reasons.

I was in and out of work from January to June due to medical issues. I am now back at work full time but I live paycheck to paycheck normally and being on a severely reduced income for the first 6 months of this year has been extremely trying. I really need your help to get my phone bill caught up. I need my cell phone for emergencies and to communicate with my doctors.

If I am able to have this funding approved it will allow me to breathe a little easier as I catch up with my other bills and get everything back on track. Your help would greatly ease my financial recovery, thank you.

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