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Single Mom Lost Full Time Employment: Vehicle Registration Help

My Story:

I am a divorced mother of four with two of my children still living in the home. My son, who is 17 years old just graduated from high school. He was very active in the school choir from fourth grade until he graduated and even was fortunate enough to perform at Carnegie Hall in January, 2018. He is registered in Community College for the Fall and will continue to pursue his interests in the performing arts. My 13 year old daughter will be entering into the eighth grade in the fall and gets straight A's. She also runs track during the school year and is on a competitive cheer squad. I run two businesses, mobile notary public and social media marketing management for small businesses. I have a bachelor's degree in business marketing and serve on the board for a Veteran's Association. We also have a two year old maltipoo named Lily. My oldest daughter is 26-years old and married to her husband and my 21 year old daughter currently serves in the US Navy, stationed in South Carolina.

I was let go from my full time employment in January of this year. I was unable to find immediate employment so I filed for unemployment benefits with my state. I was awarded the biweekly benefits and when those ran out my side businesses really picked up. Business is increasing again after being able to reconnect with my former clients and I started another business in which I create content and post to social media platforms for small businesses. I am able to maintain my monthly bills and cost of living for my two children and I but unfortunately any added expenses are a hardship at this time. I do need my vehicle to perform the mobile notary work and to get my children to and from school. I only have one vehicle as a means of transportation. My ex husband, who lost his custody with our children due to abuse and neglect, stopped paying his court ordered child support and is now in arrears for $60k. He is self employed and therefore, we are unable to garnish any wages. I need Modest Needs to pay my vehicle registration this year.

This funding will give me the ability to continue to provide for my family. I have started a plan for saving and little by little, it will be able to grow. My businesses are starting to flourish and I am sure that with my continued hard work, I will be able to give back in return for the assistance that I need now to people who can end up like me.

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