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Single Mother of 2 Needs Rent Help After Emergency Surgery

My Story:

I am a single mother living with my 2 daughters who are ages 8 and 9. They were born on the same day one year apart. I take care of my daughters on my own and I receive no child support. My 9 year old is a very outgoing, energetic little girl who is in the Visual and Performing Arts program at her school. My 8 year old is a very outgoing, energetic, athletic little girl who plays girls fast-pitch softball as a pitcher. I am a Certified Nurse Assistant going on 6 years, and I work in the trauma unit at a hospital here in San Diego.

Recently, I got sick and had emergency surgery for my gallbladder and my appendix had to be removed as well. I was off for 2 weeks, and then went back to work like normal but we fell behind. I work extra days just to get by, because we live pay check to paycheck. As a single mother I have no savings. Since that surgery I have been sick with really bad stomach issues and I have lost a lot of weight as I am unable to eat. I was recently hospitalized and I returned to work a week after. All of this time off caused me to get behind on my rent. I need Modest Needs assistance to keep our home.

This funding will help get me back on my feet, since I have returned to work and am back making my regular pay. All I need is your help with rent to get me back in financial standing. Your assistance would truly mean the world to my family.

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