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I'm a Pilot & Need Help to Afford an Exam that Will Let Me Return to Work

My Story:

I am a pilot and my wife is retired on Social Security. Three years ago I suffered a stroke while in training for a new pilot position. Although I made a quick recovery, the Federal Aviation Administration has a strict policy that any pilot who suffers a stroke, no matter how mild, has to wait two years before being medical re-certified. About three months after my stroke I began working as an Uber driver and then later I started as a delivery driver for Grub hub and have worked for them ever sense.

I received a letter from the FAA requesting additional evaluations, including a neuropsychological exam, carotid ultrasound, exercise stress test and a hypercoagulopathy blood panel. The neuro-psychological exam is a two day, twelve hour exam that can only be done by a FAA certified neurophysiologist and the cost is way over my budget. I need Modest Needs to help pay for the neuropsychological exam requested by the FAA in order to return to work and better our future.

The funding would allow me the ability to return to work as a pilot. Flying became a very important part of my life and having a job that I loved was just a bonus, I would hate to think that I would not be able to return to such a great adventure just because I can't afford to complete a few simple tests. Thank you kind people.

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