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Hardworking Single Woman Needs Your Urgent Rent Help

My Story:

I am a single 38 year old female who has worked in the service industry for 15 years. I have also obtained my real estate license and would like to try and build up my career in this field but have not been able to yet and I live paycheck to paycheck currently. It is just me in a 1 bedroom apartment. I do not have any children and I lost my last 2 fur babies last year.

A month and a half ago I lost my full time job. I have since been hired at another location but it is barely getting me by. I work very, very hard and always have. I believe I will be able to get back onto my feet but I cannot loose the roof over my head while I work to get back onto solid ground financially. I do not have family or friends that can help unfortunately. If anyone has a daughter or granddaughter that has been in this situation, I am sure you can understand. I would appreciate any help with my rent so, so, so much and when I am in a better place down the road I would like to give back like you folks do. I am very scared about falling behind and loosing the roof over my head as I have no where to go.

This funding would allow me to keep my apartment while I continue to improve my situation financially. I would really like to transition from the restaurant/service industry and into real estate as I am getting older and would like to create a more solid future for myself financially. Maybe if I can accomplish that goal I could rescue another animal or even have a child one day but I have to create a more financial stable environment. You help would let me do that by allowing me to stay in my home and not get even more behind. Thank you so much for the consideration.

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