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Unpaid Medical Leave, Please Help Keep the Power On

My Story:

I am a separated mother of one child. My 16 year old is an aspiring animator that loves drawing. I currently work full time for a small managed service provider as a Desktop Analyst.

I was out of work for couple of months on unpaid medical leave to take care of a chronic health condition. I have no savings and my housing expenses have gotten behind as I tried to recoup from the short-term loss of income. In order to resolve my current financial hardship, I need to pay my utility bill down to zero in order to move. I fear if I cannot resolve this large balance, I will not be able to move into a cheaper home. My current home is financially overwhelming and the stress of barely making ends meet has taken a toll on my health. I want to stay on top of both my health and finances going forward. I need Modest Needs help to pay my electric bill.

Your funding would have tremendous impact on my life. Your help will totally get me back on track and allow me the ability to move to a new, safe home. Any assistance would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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