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Single Mother of 2 Needs to Keep Phone On After Urgent Car Repairs

My Story:

I am a single mother who works to raise my two kids by myself. Their father does not pay any child support and I work as much as I can while also being there for them. My son is a senior in high school and works diligently in school with his advance placement classes, student council, theatre, NHS, and other school clubs. He is a well rounded son who strives to do well in his life. My daughter is in the 7th grade. She loves to sing in the choir and would rescue every animal she sees if she could. She has the most loving heart and is very outgoing.

My household lives paycheck to paycheck, we struggle but always seem to make ends meet. I had to do several back to back repairs on my vehicle which is the only form of transportation that my family has. This has put me in a bind and I am unable to cover the cost of a normal monthly bill. Without the truck running, I am not sure how my kids would have gotten to and from school nor me to work. I need Modest Needs help covering my monthly phone bill. It is essential to have a working phone so my children and I can get a hold of each other for emergencies and their safety. I also need to have a phone for my job.

Your assistance in paying this bill will help all three of us. It will get my bills current and alleviate a huge stressor in my life right now of worrying do I pay bills or buy food for my kids. It teaches my kids to always pay it forward when you can and help others because some day that might be them. Your help would be a huge blessing at this time.

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