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Single Woman with Breast Cancer Needs Help With Car to Get to Doctor

My Story:

I am a feisty and single 70 year old woman. I was diagnosed with my 1st episode of breast cancer. All these years later, I'm still here, having survived 4 additional episodes, the most recent, being a Stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis. In the last few years I've been put on miracle drugs that are keeping me alive. As a result, I lost my business because since I couldn't have full focus on work and travel as it was required. I was forced to move out from the place where I lived for 30 years, and at age of 67 I had to start over. I became a substitute teacher, only to discover I love doing this work, but unfortunately, it only pays minimum wage.

I now live paycheck to paycheck and it's not enough to cover any unexpected costs. In August 2018, my car was hit by a piece of twisted metal on the highway, puncturing the radiator and it had left me with a huge repair bill. I was still paying that off when my car just died one day. I need Modest Needs assistance with my car repair bill.

This funding will give me peace of mind and help me keep my car. I am blessed with a spirit that wants to keep going out to work at and past age 70 with stage 4 cancer for as long as I can. Sometimes now however, when I lay down at night in bed, I find it hard to breathe thinking about this bill and would be deeply grateful for any assistance at all. Thank you. Bless you.

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