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Auto Repairs Urgently Needed For Only Vehicle

My Story:

I am a married mother of three. My husband loves animals and likes to spend his free time watching movies or doing yard work. My daughter loves to sing, she has a beautiful voice she enjoys family time as well. My sons both love basketball and video games. They also enjoy making music. We are a close family who enjoys each others company.

My husband is currently the only one working at this time, and most of the time he works overtime to make ends meet. I was previously a private security officer and had been for over ten years until several months ago I was forced to stop due to several underline diseases. I have spinal and cervical stenosis along with other problems. I am currently awaiting surgery dates to get my health back on track. We desperately need help with urgent car repairs that are way out of our budget at this time. Without the necessary repairs my husband would be at risk of losing his employment which would cause a domino effect on our lives.

We only have this one vehicle and all of our transportation depends on this. We cannot use public transportation at this time. Your help would show my children that there are people who truly cares about others. This grant will keep my family from losing everything including our home. It will also relieve some depression that we have all been facing.

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