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I was Hit By a Truck, Please Save My Storage Unit

My Story:

I am a single woman who works full-time. I love running, boarding, reading, volunteering and getting my feet wet in all that I desire. I'm very motivated to excel in my passions and give back!

I had a very rough year full of financial hardship. I used a lot of my savings to settle debts on my credit report so that when I�m stable enough I can lease a decent home. Then, recently I was hit by a truck who was running a red light while I was crossing in a cross walk on my longboard. This surmounted in medical bills and missed work causing further hardship. I need help from Modest Needs to pay for my storage unit before going into auction. I have been unable to cover the storage fees due to my loss of wages while I heal.

This funding will bring me current on my storage rent. I will not lose all of my belongings and I will have a chance to build enough savings for the upcoming months. This will lift a lot of weight off of my shoulders and a give a sense of stability while I continue to gain my strength back. Thank you.

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