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Had Surgery, Please Keep Teacher's Electricity Going

My Story:

I am a single woman who is a teacher to fourth graders. I moved 6 years ago for a teaching job, which was lacking in my home state. I left my family and friends to make a living doing what I love, which is teaching students to become their best. I have one dog and two cats that are my emotional support and great source of joy.

I earn enough through my job to cover my living expenses, but I truly live paycheck to paycheck. I have cut corners to make ends meet, but recently I had to have surgery, which came with unexpected medical bills. Also, a few weeks ago, in a grocery store parking lot, someone vandalized my car and my insurance company did not cover the expense. I had to pay out of pocket to get it fixed. These things have left me in a financial hardship and very upset and stressed. I need Modest Needs help to keep my lights on.

This funding will help me to bring my bills current and get back on track financially, emotionally, and mentally. I will be able to let some stress go and know that I can start back saving and get my financial life in order. This in turn will help me to focus on my job and teaching my students. In addition, I will give back to others like me that need help under a short term crisis and do not know where else to turn.

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