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Family in Need of Vehicle Repair For Sole Transportation

My Story:

I am a married father of five beautiful daughters. The oldest one lives in Vegas, and the other oldest goes to college and is a CASA volunteer in Omaha. My 15 year old loves volunteering at animal shelters, while my 13 year old lives for everything that is anime. My 9 year old just loves softball. My wife is the sole bread winner, as I have been disabled since 2016.

I would honestly give my right arm to live more than paycheck to paycheck. When the transmission broke in our car, it really hurt. We have no savings set aside for rainy days. Our car is just outside in the parking lot, unable to be driven. All this after getting new tires, brakes, gaskets, tune up and many other things. My family and I need your generosity to help fix our car. Right now we are relying on folks from our church, neighbors and my parents to take me to my doctor appointments. Those appointments are an hour away. You cannot imagine how much this help will mean to us.

Your donations, your generosity, even your kind words would show my daughters that what I have instilled in them, is true. It took me awhile to admit I needed help, but my medical issues continue to mount, making it all too real. Adult seizures, Stiff Person, Fibro, bone disease, and my wife's type 1 diabetes, it all adds up. But relieving some of the stress and unknown, would go a long way. Thank you for your generosity!

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