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HVAC Repair Needed For Diabetic Mother Safe Living Conditions

My Story:

I am a 46 year old male who enjoys spending time with his sisters and mom. I love education, sports, music and helping others. I am employed full time at Compucom IT in Fort Mill.

Several years ago, while I was in Pharmacy school I became ill and missed a lot of time at work. This put me behind and I wasn't able to catch up with everything. The loans I took out for each year were very high and I relied on credit cards to self support for a majority of expenses. After this, I decided to make a career change and I started working as in IT. I am also working on getting certifications which will someday further my career. On top of everything, my mother is diabetic and going through a tough time. When it gets very hot, the temperature is easily over 90 degrees. I simply don't have any extra savings today for AC repairs since my salary covers only the basic necessities. I need Modest Needs help to cover the cost of this repair.

This funding will help us so much. I will be able to provide a safe environment for my sick mother and take care of her in good living conditions. I really want to get back on my feet and once again feel like I can make a difference in this world. When I do, I will follow the footsteps of other donors and help others.

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