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Senior Supporting Alzheimer's Spouse Needs New Tires

My Story:

I am a 72 year old married woman and mother of two. I work two part-time jobs as a vitamin clerk in a healthy food store and part-time and as a cleaner at office buildings. In addition, I am the full-time caretaker of my husband, who is 72, and 100% dependent on me due to severe dementia.

Our expenses stretch our income month to month. We've had recent unexpected expenses and have had no choice but to repair our furnace and water-heater. Now we need new tires for our car but have no extra funds to buy them. I am driving an older car with 200,000+ miles on it which requires regular repairs and maintenance. I am asking Modest Needs for assistance to pay my tire bill.

This funding will get me over a hump, help make ends meet and have available funds for necessary future car repairs. Right now, I'm inundated with short-term bills in addition to my regular bills. This funding would help me pay down these expenses. I believe in passing it on and I hope I can do the same for others one day.

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