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Job Shut Down With No Warning, Please Help Keep Car

My Story:

I live with my fiance and his two boys who are 16 and 14. I love to spend time at the beach playing with my two Siberian huskies. I was work part time while my partner works full time for a hotel and since he has custody of his kids with little to no help from their mom we keep are finances separate meaning we split everything and he buys their food and I buy my own.

On Tuesday April 9th I lost my job with no warning. The whole company was shut down by the FBI. I was working for a Medical DME office and apparently the higher ups were doing shady stuff and the company was shut down. I did apply for unemployment, however I had a six week penalty from them a few years back, so the first six weeks they basically took it all. I currently am on my 5 week with out pay from unemployment so once this clears up my unemployment benefits will kick in. Prior to this we were both living pay check to pay check so I had no savings to fall back on. I started driving for Lyft and Uber but still need help with my car payment tp catch up.

This funding will help me be current with my bills after this horrible unforeseen circumstance. It was a double impact because I lost my job and had to wait 6 weeks for unemployment benefits. I will feel awful if we start to fall behind or lose our home because of me. Your help would prevent this from happening and make a huge difference to us.

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