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Pot Hole Ruined Car, Please Keep Insurance From Canceling

My Story:

I am a single male living in Baltimore MD. it is just my dog and I whom I have had for 8 years. I love to run and cycle. I am employed as a sales consultant.

I have recently had to repair my car and it cost me a lot that was very unexpected. I had hit a pot hole in Baltimore city and it destroyed my car. I had to get it fixed right away so I could keep but job but I am now risking a cancel notice from my car insurance company. Unfortunately, this is something I can not cover at the moment. I am asking that Modest Needs help me with my car insurance payment.

This would help me to get back on track with my other bills and balance everything out in my life. Your assistance would give me the boost I need and allow me to keep my car insured which gets me to work safely. Many thanks to all of you.

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