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Child Birth Complications, Please Help Save Home

My Story:

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children. My 8-year-old daughter is very book smart, loves sports, and is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. I have a 6 year old daughter very energetic and helpful she is the second mom of the family. She thinks she is in charge. I have a new born son that I just gave birth to on March 14 of this year. Both the girls love helping with their little brother especially my youngest daughter. I work full-time as a Veteran customer service representative assisting with getting past due bills paid that were not originally covered by the VA.

My ex left when I was 4 months pregnant with our son. Once he left I began living pay check to pay check and worked all the way until I was 39 weeks pregnant. I planned on going back to work after 2 weeks of giving birth because I would have to take an unpaid leave of absence. Unfortunately, during birth I experienced what is called coccydynia pain. It was so bad that in the hospital the doctors advised me not to hold my son while standing or walking in fear that I would drop him because I could barely stand myself. With me being out of work so long I am unable to get caught up on my bills without help. I need Modest Needs help to get caught up on my mortgage payment. I am worried that we could eventually lose our home if I do not get back on track with my mortgage payment.

This funding will help bring my household current as I have returned to work. I am a responsible individual who saved up to buy my house. This funding will help me continue being able to provide for my children and show them that they too can accomplish things and everyone needs help from time to time. Once I am able to help someone else in need I will pay it forward.

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