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We Just Lost Our Mom to Pancreatic Cancer. Please Help Us Save Her Heirlooms!

My Story:

I am a special education teacher in a Title I middle school. I am currently enrolled in a Doctoral Program in education. I live with my older brother, who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2003. His life expectancy was only 5 years, however, his doctors treat him aggressively with medication that keeps him alive. He cannot live without it. We both love music and giving back to the community through random acts of kindness.

Our 92-year-old mother passed away suddenly from pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, I was in an accident which caused a decrease in our finances and a change of plans. I am the only one employed in our household, and have no savings. I arranged for the delivery of my mother's items but am unable to make the payment for delivery. Our mother's items have been on the delivery truck for a couple of months. They will not be delivered until the bill is paid in full (prior to delivery). I do not want them destroyed, damaged or even worse, given away.

I am asking Modest Needs to help pay the delivery company for my mother's items so I may have her heirlooms and memories. It would mean the world to me to have our mother's items finally in our home. It would bring closure to her passing. Your help would allow me not have to worry about where the items are and if they are safe. Your help would bring a feeling of peace to myself and my brother. We miss her immensely and those items were her treasures. I would like to see them in our home safe and sound. This would mean so much to my family. Thank you so much!

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