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Recently Retired, Please Help With Car Insurance

My Story:

I am a 62 year old divorced man. I've been through a lot in my life and have managed to move forward and never give up. I have a disability, was a single parent, had abuse from an older brother growing up - both he and my mother were schizophrenic. I also suffered abuse by an ex-manager and wife that caused me to have PTSD. I moved to Ocean Shores to still work, but i wanted to move to a place that I can retire as well. I took an early retirement from my job and now work part time to supplement my income.

I just started collecting my social security retirement. Due to my early retirement, and misinformation from the social security office, I went a month without income which I was expecting. I live pay check to pay check and this left me short on my bills. I am asking Modest Needs to assist me with my car insurance bill.

This funding will allow me to get caught up and not have to choose between my rent or my car. I just got a part-time job so moving forward I will be okay. Please help me get current on my bills and save my home until I receive my next paycheck. Your help would mean so much to me during this time.

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