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First, My Wife had Back Surgery. Then I Got Cancer. Please Help with Rent While I Recover!

My Story:

I am married & living with my wonderful wife and our two shih-tzu dogs. I work full time making medical supplies and my wife works as an office assistant. We earn enough to pay our basic expenses every month, but we live check to check. We have down sized and cut things to make this possible, and we were doing great. We didn't have much debt and even though we didn't have much extra, we were making it.

I'm here because despite everything we've done, to stay on track, we've been hit with some real medical emergencies. In November of 2018, my wife had to have spinal fusion surgery. She missed a full month of work and went back part time for about two weeks until returning full time. That really set us back, but we worked hard and were nearly out of the hole when I was diagnosed with cancer. I've already missed work for treatment and tests, and now, I'm going to have to have surgery to reconstruct part of my lower jaw. Thankfully, we have insurance, but the bills for all of this are just expensive, and coming all at once like this, they've caused a real crisis for us.

I heard about Modest Needs from a friend, and I'm hoping you might help us to pay our rent for one month, the month that I'm going to be out from work recovering from cancer surgery. Your help will make sure we keep a roof over our heads during this really difficult time and give us the chance we need to get caught up on the medical bills without having to worry about catching up on the rent. We work really hard and try to help others when we can, but right now, your help will mean everything to us. Thank you.

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