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I Was Just Diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Please Help Me Afford to See My Doctor

My Story:

I am single mother of two. Both my children are grown, my son resides in St. Louis, Mo and my daughter is in graduate school. I work full-time as a Secretary for Watson Elementary for Little Rock School District, and for a long time I was the assistant store manager at a local Dress Barn.

Financially, I was doing just fine until earlier this year. First, in March, my daughter had a baby and ended up moving in with me so that I could help with my grandbaby while she finishes up her degree. A few weeks later, the Dress Barn where I'd been working in closed, and my income dropped with no notice. And then, I went to the doctor because I was having some trouble breathing and found out I have congestive heart failure. Now, we're really struggling. My daughter's looking for a job to help while I'm seeing doctor after doctor trying to get better. The cost of copays and medications are really adding up, and now, I'm behind on a hospital bill. If I don't pay it soon, it'll go to collections and ruin the credit I've worked hard to build all my life and the doctors may even stop seeing me or make me pay in advance for appointments with money I don't have while I'm being treated.

I really need help to get caught up with this one medical bill. If you can help with that, then by the time you do, I know my daughter will have found a job because she's smart and a great employee, and hopefully we'll be OK from then on out. Thank you and bless you for helping others.

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