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My Mom's Been Fighting Cancer and We're About to Lose Our Car. Please Help!

My Story:

I am a student at the University of North Texas. I live with my mother and we split the bills at our current apartment. I work part-time with the City and my mother works full-time. I am currently in the process of trying to get another part time job so that I can have some more income.

My mom was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer in the middle of the year last year. She was out of work for more than half the year. As a result, she only got a portion of her paycheck every month. I also jumped from job to job because many jobs wouldn't work with my schedule due to having to take care of my mother. My mom's cancer caused a huge setback for us financially. Not only did we have to pay copays and medical bills, our income droppsed because my mom was on disability while she recovered from cancer treatment. Things are getting better now, and slowly but surely, we're getting caught up. But during all of this mess, we got behind on our car payment, and now, if we don't catch up, they're threatening to take our car.

If we lose our car, we're going to be back to square one. It's our only vehicle, and we use it for me to get to school, to get me and my mom to work, and to get my mom to follow-up medical appointments. We live in Texas, where everything is far apart and we don't have public transportation, and we definitely don't have the money to take an Uber everywhere.

I'm sorry to have written so much. I'm just hoping that you will please, please help us catch up our car payment before we lose our car. If we can just get caught up on this one bill, I KNOW we'll be OK because things are getting better all the time. But this help would finally get us out of the hole that we have been stuck in for a year, and after all we've been through, that would mean more to us than I can say. Thank you for reading and for helping if you can.

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