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Help With ER Bill After Stroke

My Story:

I am a single female, living with my roommate. I work full time but since I live paycheck to paycheck I am struggling trying to make ends meet in NYC. I have a roommate who lost their job and has been hit with child support payments, so now I'm actually paying a little more than my share to help out until she can get a new job.

Recently, I was hospitalized for a stroke. I have insurance, the but bill I received for the copay and deductible is just too much for me to afford right now. If it is not paid, it will go into collections and hurt my credit and in NYC, if you have bad credit, you can't even advance in your job.

I need Modest needs to help me with this medical bill. If Modest Needs can help me with this expense, it will give me a breathing room to be able to stay current with my other bills. Most important, you'll save my credit. Your help will mean a lot to me. Thank you for considering me.

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