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Retired Couple Caring for Grandson Needs Help With Car Repair

My Story:

I am married, living with my wife and grandson who is in our custody. He is a very active first grader and is interested in karate and soccer. We are currently living on our social security due to some medical history problems.

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, but due to my past medical history, I was not allowed to purchase medical insurance. Subsequently, we lost our house and most of our savings only having enough to move to a small apartment in North Phoenix. We were forced to file bankruptcy and right now we are living paycheck to paycheck on retirement. Our car requires some significant maintenance as it is currently at 120,000 miles. We do not have the discretionary income to cover it. Having a vehicle is really important for us to transport our grandson and I can go to my treatments.

This funding will allow us to keep our only vehicle running, and allow us to explore other situations where we can generate some additional income in case some other scenario like this happens again. Thank you so much.

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