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Mom Recovering From Hip Surgery Needs Rent Help

My Story:

I am a hard working mom of three wonderful kids. The most hurtful thing I have experienced during this time of healing from hip surgery, is my son coming to ask me for 2 dollars for his field trip and I didn't have it. I cried all night. I am so used to being able to say here you go son. I cant wait until my life returns back normal.

Being away from work has affected me mentally more than physically. I am still hurting physically, but using all my annual and sick leave has taken a tole on me emotionally. I am asking for help with rent for this month to avoid a three day notice. My surgeon has me retiring to work soon on light duty.

This help will ease the worrying and secure a roof over mine and my children heads while I heal. Your assistance would be a huge blessing for my family during this trying time, and allow me to heal without so much stress. Thank you.

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