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Single Mother With MS Needs Help with Electric After Child's Emergency Dental Bill

My Story:

I am a single mother of two wonderful daughters. My 13 year old loves to dance, and my 6 year old is very energetic and loves the outdoors. Both girls love to spend time and play with our two family dogs, Sophie and Chloe. I work full-time as an investigator.

I earn enough money to pay for our basic expenses every month, but we tend to live paycheck to paycheck. I have no savings set aside so when my younger daughter needed some unexpected dental work this week it put me in a real bind. I had to pay for her tooth to be repaired as she was in constant pain. I had no choice, but now am falling behind on my electric bill. I need your help.

Our electric services will soon be terminated if we do not receive assistance. This funding will bring our household current with all of our bills again, and restore our sense of stability. I am hoping to soon be able to secure part-time employment to give us a chance to build an emergency savings fund for ourselves. Your help would make a long-lasting impact on our family, and it would set a wonderful example for my daughters. We would be extremely grateful for any help we get.

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