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Single Mother of 2 Young Boys Needs Urgent Car Repair

My Story:

I am a single mom of my two sons. My 8 year old has a loving heart and loves to read books in his down time and before bed. He wants to join a soccer team and join swimming classes this summer. My two year old is very playful and full of energy. He loves to play with his brother and marvel toy figures. I work full-time at a CPA firm, since I graduated in 2017. I got hired as an entry level position so I have to learn a lot to perform my job well. I taught my two sons math so that they can follow my foot step to a college degree in the future. I love them so much, they are the reasons I do what I do.

I have always lived paycheck to paycheck to cover our basic needs. Due to schooling and being the only provider for my two sons, I do not have a savings. With much effort I was able to pay off my car last year, I was so thrilled because it was an achievement for me. However, for two months now, the car has made a weird noise. I brought it to the repair shop and they told me the starter, caliper, and a break hose need to replaced. They also said if I keep driving the car, the whole bull-joint for the front and back will need to get fixed as well. This is the only transportation I have to go to work and pick up my kids. I have to used public bus to go to work, and asked my family to pick up my kids at daycare and at the bus stop. For now, my family can help for a week or so, but I really need your help with this car repair cost.

This funding will help me out of this situation, and I will be able to provide for my sons again without calculating how much I can spend on groceries. I also will not have to burden my family anymore. I will pick up a side job as a book-keeper so that I can work at home and use the money to build a savings. Your help would make a tremendous impact on our life, especially on my sons lives, because they will learn to give back and be helpful in society. I will use this as my lesson that I need to save for an emergency situation and learn to give back to people in need in the future.

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