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Temporary Income Loss Due to Illnes, Please Help Save My Only Vehicle to Get to Work

My Story:

I am a mother of three boys. My two older boys ages 23 and 20 reside in California where I am from and my 13 year old lives in Bullhead city Arizona with my parents. I work full time as a housekeeper and my fiance helps me with vacation rentals I clean independently.

For the most part we live paycheck to paycheck every month. I recently had some health issues that unfortunately causes me to miss some work. With no savings set aside, I have become behind on my car payment. This vehicle is the only vehicle we have. Loosing it would be devastating financially because I need it to get to my customer's homes to clean.

I am worried that at anytime our vehicle will be replaced if I do not get caught up with the finance company. This funding would bring us current and restore our sense of stability. My health is better and I have returned to working my regular hours and with the summer soon approaching I hope to have more vacation rentals to clean. We then can start an emergency fund. Your help would make a lasting impact on our family and would show them that there are people who truly care.

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