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Family of Four Struggling After Job Loss, Help Them Keep Their Home

My Story:

I am a mom of two lovely and smart teenagers. They are both active at our church, one as a praise team dancer and other as our praise sound musician. We also have a dog named Athena whom they adore! I work full time to provide for us.

Due to my previous company closing, I lost my job with no notification or severance. There were over 20,000 employees and students affected by this. I was receiving unemployment weekly but it was not enough to keep up with all of our household expenses. I just received a new job, but will need your help to catch up from this gap of income. Our most pressing need is our rental payment.

My landlord was kind enough to give us some extra time for rent but she will not wait forever. With this funding we will be able to keep the roof over our head and get back on track for the months to come! Your assistance would mean so much to us during this time.

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