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Father, Veteran of Two Wars Passed. Please Help With Closing Bills on Former Residence

My Story:

I am a 62-year-old woman and I work as a para-educator in a local public school and also part-time as a tutor. In 2014, after going through surgery for renal cell carcinoma, I moved into a house with my 93-year-old father who was a World War II and Korean War Veteran. When we combined my salary and his retirement/social security, we were able to make ends meet and help each other become more healthy. My father had a quadruple-bypass and COPD and we both were type 2 diabetics. I had previously had endometrial cancer in 2009. We were both visiting doctors often.

In 2018, my dad had multiple UTI's which led to sepsis. His health rapidly deteriorated and he passed away in December 2018. Because my take-home pay from the school district is very low, I was unable to pay for rent, utilities and other living expenses while living in the home that we had shared. Dad and I had no savings and Dad did not have life insurance. I was forced to break the lease and I moved in with colleague of mine. I need Modest needs assistance to pay the small balance owed at my previous apartment.

This funding will be a huge relief to me. My brother and I still need to pay off the bills for my father's estate. This funding will bring me current with all my bills and help me start paying down my father's debts. It would give me great peace of mind. It is my goal to start building an emergency savings fund and saving for retirement. Funding for this short-term financial hardship would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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