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Job Loss, Please Help Hardworking Parents Keep a Roof Over 3 Kids' Heads

My Story:

I am a married father of 3. My older children are in the 4th and 2nd grades, while my wife homeschools our youngest, who is 4 years old. They are active, creative kids who love arts, crafts, music, sports and the outdoors. I work full time to support our family.

I lost my job last summer and was unemployed for almost 3 months, so that put us behind on our bills. We thought things would be fine when I found a position as a sales consultant, but I since discovered that the company is underhanded with their commission payments. Unfortunately, we were also in 2 auto accidents recently which has only added to our financial burden. We know it is a blessing, though, that we had no injuries. Thankfully, I have found another job which pays better, but we need some help to catch up with our rent. My wife has also been working to launch a home-based business as well as interviewing for other jobs.

Even though we have lived here for a few years and have been good tenants, the property management company does not care. This funding will take a major burden off of my family. It will enable us to keep a roof over our heads and avoid an eviction. Not only would that disrupt our lives even more, it would add more expenses. We are doing everything we can but, your help would bridge the financial gap we are facing. Our future goal is to have a more solid financial foundation, so that in turn we can help others in the future.

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